100 Years of Cracks in the Floor

Just a Zombie Trying to Get By

I taped my head to a brick
because the brick said it would show me
the wonders of unaccountability...

I used to fall down,
but now I fall out.

Everywhere I go I find I always meet myself.
Everywhere you go decide if you can see yourself.
Every time we do we'll show some more humility.
Everyday we do we'll ring in reciprocity.


My mind is a length
of elastic rubber
tied one thousand times
to itself.

A length of cotton white twine-
forever spun,
over and around,
under, in, and out.

My soul is a spring
of tightly coiled metal-
I know that if it's sprung,
it'll leap to heaven.

My self is an absurd
assembly unless
I believe that our
separate lives are one.

Well, I don't know,
but this is how it seems to me:
I am you and I am everything.
In the smallest fraction of time,
I realize my particles are
all others and otherwise nothing.

The Device - I. Alfred P. Allsgood Goes to the Hospital

"Buy the device, the newest in communication!"
He looked to the TV, the commercial intrigued him.
"One low price, one simple procedure!"
An early adopter, he bought for the buying.
"It's new!"
Nothing mattered now, not the price or the surgery.
"The Mindcast 6000, 'cause your thoughts should be heard!"
He grabbed his credit card, called the number on the screen.

Met the doctor, signed a waiver, got anesthesia,
woke up after surgery feeling somewhat strange.
His temples throbbed--he had nausea and intrusions in his brain.
So many voices in his head that were not his own...
the surgery was a success.

He sighed!

The Device - II. Alfred P. Allsgood Becomes Confused

Three weeks later, he tried to quit smoking,
though he had never smoked a cigarette in his life.
It was a mistake...it was just a mistake.
The first of many, so many fears and impulses
found their way into his mind
Where did it come from?
Why wouldn't it stop?

"I'm lying in my bed...
Am I asleep? Every moment now is filled
with the random thoughts of a dream.
When I try to break free with some constant narrative,
it's drowned out in so much..."


They came so fast now with no way to tell
which was his and which was the machine.
It was just a mistake he couldn't stop making.

The Device - III. Alfred P. Allsgood is Somewhere Else

As he lays supine,
time shows his decline.

The device worked far too well:
now he can't separate his thoughts
from anyone else's.

"It seems like he doesn't here me."

He stares at electronic light;
once scared, but now from far away,
the white noise is soothing...

"Hey son, how come you don't seem to hear me?"

He has become one with the world
of thoughts, alone in the psych. ward.

Flattened to a single tone. It's flattened to a single tone...

Now the sun is out always.
The sun is out all night and day,
and like a dying star,
his mind is brilliant, white light!

Sliver of Light

One hundred years
of cracks in the floor-
I never knew...
I never knew I'd only ever see
a sliver of light
under the door.

Now I watch
as the ghosts walk
right down the street.

Every night-
every night now-
they come to meet me.

Sliver of light:
one thousands meanings,
none of them right-
or wrong-
or anything at all.

Sick of Psychosis

You've got to be kidding me...
Why would I go sit in the dark with you?
You're fingers and arms are like nails and wires-
please don't wrap them around mine.
I can't say why, but I don't trust your personality-
your mind is so spindly, like your nails and wires.
Why would I wish to spend time with you? To talk?
Your teeth and tongue are like crags and fog,
and I haven't the foggiest clue what to do with
you and your gnarled version of our shared visions.
Well, you fooled you, but no, you won't fool me.
No, you've got to be KIDDING ME.

(Wires and nails...
So where...
Can I run to now?

Crags and rocks...
So where...
Can I go to now?

I must
This joke.

This pathetic
Of a person
You've become
I fear...)

On the Brink

I have a fact for you:
When you throw everything out the backdoor, it fills up the backyard.

Well, I've had my fill.

I don't have anything left to do,
But you know, but you know,
I don't need to.

I've never seen you, but I don't need to.

When I looked out,
I saw it all alive-
The block of stone,
The dead tree,
The jug and chair:
Alive to me.
Wherever I go,
Whatever I see,
I find my way,
And the only way-
The only way
Anything can be.
Who knows, who knows, who knows...
Who knows in what fields today
Our child chases dragonflies in play.
We're all sacks of ocean-
Towards the sun we run away.

But I'll always have
I'll always have
I'll always have...
I'll always have my fill!

Oh, Everything I see
Is the only way
Anything can be

When I looked out,
I saw it all alive-
The block of stone,
The dead tree,
The jug and chair:
Alive to me.

So look out!
Look out!
Just look out!
Look out!
Look out!
Look out!